Announcements & Tenders

Announcents, Tenders Procedures

Masasi-Nachingwea Water Supply & Sanitation Authority has a section that deals with purchase and storage of materials as per requirement of public procurement of Goods, Works, No-consultant services & disposal of public assets by tender 2005 no. 63 through 78.

Masasi-Nachingwea Water Supply & Sanitation Authority, supply issue tender for major supplies & services once in a year, the lots include: -

* Water chemicals
* GS pipes & fittings
* PVC & HDPE pipes & fittings
* Fuel & Lubricants
* Security Services
* Insurance Services
* Water Meters
* Electrical accessories
* Motor vehicle tyres
* Stationeries
* Motor vehicle spares
* Customer meter chamber locks
* Laboratory chemicals & equipments
* Computer & accessories
* Motor vehicles Repair and maintenance
* Building Materials
* Working tools

Tenders are advertised in wide circulated magazines in Tanzania like, daily news, Guardian, Mwananchi, etc.Advertisements of tenders are published between April & June every financial year.For more information about standard documents and other information concerning tendering process can be obtained by visiting PPRA websites