Historical Background


Masasi – Nachingwea Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MANAWASA) was officially established in the Government Notice on 10th May 2013 (GN No. 105), but before the formulation of MANAWASA there were two water Authorities known as Masasi Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MAUWASA) and Nachingwea Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (NAUWASA) which were operating  Masasi ( Mtwara Region) and Nachingwea (Lindi Region) respectively. MAUWASA and NAUWASA were merged to form one water authority as MANAWASA.

The authority is responsible for supplying potable water and collecting wastewater in Masasi and Nachingwea towns as well as supplying potable water in the villages along with Masasi and Nachingwea gravity mains coming from Mbwinji source. Right now, MANAWASA serves Masasi, Nachingwea, Nanyumbu town as well as villages along Mwena to Masasi gravity main and Mbwinji to Nachingwea gravity main including some villages from Ruangwa district.

MANAWASA is a National Project the parent being the Government of Tanzania and operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Water.