Manawasa Policy and Regulation.

Policy and Regulation.
(a) Act which empowers MANAWASA to (provide) Supply Water to public is:-
The Water Works Act (Cap.272 RE 2002). (An Act to provide for and regulate a supply of water to Public).
(b) The regulations which empowers MANAWASA to supply water to the public is:-
Government Notice No. 369 published on 25/7/1997 (made under Section 38 of CAP.281 (Water Works Ordinance – RULES)

(i)Water Utilization (Control and
Regulation) Act No. 42 of 1974 as
Amended by Act No. 8 of 1997
and Water Utilization (Federal)
Regulations, made under Section
38(2) and established by
Government Notice No. 370 of
(i)Environment Act No. 20 of 2004 The
Land Act No. 4 of 1999.
Visit MANAWASA customer care desk for initial arrangements and collect an application form. The application form is provided free of charge.
In order to facilitate the connection procedures you should submit the following documents at MANAWASA customer care desk:-
Applicant’s one recent passport size photographs
Photocopy of Applicants Identification Card (Voter’s ID, Residents ID, Passport, Driving License, National ID, )/or Complete filled application form from the Local Government Leaders (Ward Executive Officer, Hamlet Chairman,)
The above documents assists MANAWASA to send a surveyor to carry out a survey at applicants resident for the purpose of establishing connection cost estimates including materials required.
Applicant should report at MANAWASA customer care desk to peak a surveyor at the date instructed when returning the application form. Transport charges to carry a surveyor to and from the site will be incurred by the applicant.
Connection charges will be calculated by the surveyor basing on connection size, water meter size, the distance from the main pipeline.
After establishing the cost estimate, the applicant will be informed to collect the cost estimate form through a mobile phone text message. Payment should be made through mobile phone (MPESA, TIGOPESA, HALLO PESA, and AIRTEL MONEY) or through Bank and Bank Agents by the control number provided by MANAWASA. The earlier the applicant pays the connection charges the earlier will the connection be done.
After payment of the full connection charges, MANAWASA will connect the customer within a period of less than 14 days.

Mamlaka ya Majisafi na Usafi wa Mazingira Masasi-Nachingwea(MANAWASA) inatumia mfumo wa malipo wa kielektroniki wa Serikali (Government Elektronic Payment Gateway system – (GePGS). Kwenye Mfumo huu,mteja atafanya malipo ya Ankara ya maji kwa kutumia kumbukumbu namba yenye tarakimu 12 atakayotumiwa kila mwezi katika Ankara yake na siyo akaunti namba kama ilivyozoeleka. Wakati wa kufanya malipo, hatua zifuatazo zitatumika kutegemeana na mtandao.
Malipo kwa Tigo-Pesa
Piga *150*01#
Bonyeza 4 Kulipia bili
Bonyeza 5 Malipo ya Serikali
Ingiza namba ya Malipo (Control Number, Mfano 995261234561)
Weka Kiasi
Ingiza Namba ya Siri
Bonyeza 1 Kuthibitisha
Malipo kwa M-pesa
Piga *150*00#
Chagua 4 –Lipa kwa M-Pesa
Chagua 5 – Malipo ya Serikali
Chagua 1 Namba ya Malipo
Ingiza 1 Namba ya Malipo
Ingiza kumbukumbu namba (Control Number) ambayo umetumiwa pamoja na Ankara yako ya mwezi (inayoanza na 99526….)Weka Kiasi
Ingiza Namba ya Siri
Bonyeza 1 Kuthibitisha

Malipo kwa mtandao wa Airtel
Piga *150*60#
Chagua 5 –Lipa kwa Airtel- money
Chagua 5 – Malipo ya Serikali
Chagua 1 Namba ya Malipo
Ingiza kumbukumbu namba(Control Number) ambayo umetumiwa pamoja na Ankara yako ya mwezi(inayoanza na 99526….) Weka kiasi
Ingiza Namba ya Siri
Bonyeza 1 Kuthibitisha
Hakikisha mwisho utapata ujumbe wa simu unaonyesha malipo ya ankara ya maji manawasa
Malipo kwa mtandao wa Halotel
Piga *150*88#
Chagua 4- Lipa kwa Halo pesa
Chagua 5 ( malipo ya serikali Government payment)
Chagua namba 1 ( ingiza control number au reference number)
Kiasi cha pesa kwa mujibu wa ankara
Weka namba za siri, hakikisha mwisho utapata ujumbe wa simu unaonyesha malipo ya ankara ya maji manawasa
Njia nyingine ni kutumia benki za CRDB, NMB na Wakala zake za FAHARI HUDUMA na NMB Wakala> Mteja atapaswa kufika katika benki husika na kuonesha kumbukumbu namba ya malipo ya Ankara aliyotumiwa na Mamlaka, na ndipo Afisa wa benki atamwelekeza jinsi ya kufanya malipo hayo.

Billing Process Procedures
The billing Software is called Smart Billing Software which is comprised of modules namely.
• Record Management
• New Water Connection
• Adjustments
• Point of Sale
• Front office
• Meter Readings
• Meter Management
• Billing Process
• Engineering
• Customer Care
• MIS Report
Billing Process Procedures
Meter Reading Circle
• Meter reading circle works as from 01st up to the 15th day of the month.
• The meter readings are entered in the Computer system namely Smart Billing Manager by the Authority’s honest Data entry Clerk.
• Corrections are done in the meter readings with high consumptions to check the validity. Also, the unread Water meters due to different reasons such as lack of access to customer premises because of closed gate/entrance are careful checked. Thorough checkups include missing water meter. The same Meter Readers in cooperation with the Data Entry Clerk performs this task.
Bills Processing
• After all the corrections in the Meter readings, bills are processed by our Billing Software- Smart Billing Manager and printed.
• All the monthly bills are processed within a reasonable short time by the billing software. Then printing of the Customer bills starts and it takes not more than two days.
• When printing of bills is done, bills are sorted and folded and delivered to all customers through mobile phone SMS, and hand delivery.
• The Masasi-Nachingwea water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MANAWASA) has inaugurated a mobile phone services in payment of monthly water bills.
• To start with the Authority has already inaugurated payment of bills through Mobile Phone (MPesa, Airtell Money, and Tigo Pesa), which has already attracted a large volume of customers doing their payments through the service.
• The service will enable MANAWASA customers pay their bills anywhere serving their time and costs.
• The service can be utilized through the instructions in MPesa, Airtell Money, and Tigo Pesa MENU as obtained in customer mobile phone.
• The Authority encourages her customers to full utilize the service to effectively serve their time resource.
• Customers also can receive their Authority’s monthly bills by Mobile phone SMS which will keep them informed on their outstanding and remind them to pay promptly to avoid service disconnection.

Disconnection and Reconnection of water services
• Disconnection exercise is a strategy of collecting debts from customers.
• Nonpayment of water bills and service charges may lead to service disconnection at the premises of MANAWASA customers. However services may be disconnected at the customer premises if he/she did not pay the bill timely, tempering with water meter, illegal connections, and by pass.
• You are advised to timely pay your water bills. The services shall be disconnected at your premises without further notice as a result of outstanding/pending water bills.
• You are advised to provide accurate and correct address for delivering water bills.
• In addition to the water bills, you shall pay service charges for the use of any meter as may be described.
All water meters shall be provided and remain the property of the Authority.
• A customer who fails to settle his/her bill within the stipulated time will be subject to disconnection.
• Disconnection can also be effected if customer damages a meter.
• Leakage on service line, which is not repaired, will also be subject to a disconnection.
• Any individual found consuming water illegally shall be disconnected and subject to legal action which includes:
• A penalty of Tshs.500, 000/= for illegal reconnection.
Reconnection to services
• Once an account has been disconnected, reconnection will only be made under the following condition.
• For non-payment: On settlement of the defaulted amount in full or on signing an installment payment agreement with the MANAWASA plus a reconnection fee of Tshs.20,000/= .
• For damaged meter: Upon payment for meter replacement of Tshs. 100,000/=
• For illegal connection/reconnection: Upon payment of the penalties.
• For leakages/bursts on a service line: After the repairs have been fully effected.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much does it cost to get connected?
A: The cost of new connection will vary according to the size of the meter and the consumption category.
Q: How can one get connected?
A: Simply come to MANAWASA offices and pick a new connection form and fill in the details.
Q: Do I need to pay for the materials?
A: The materials are provided by the MANAWASA what the Customer is required to do is just paying the Cost listed in the Cost Estimate Form after the survey is done. A customer is NOT advised to buy any connection materials for new water connection.
Q: How much would the materials cost?
A: The price of the materials varies depending on the distance from the customer’s house to the main water line.
Q: Will I be required to bear the transport costs?
A: After the customer pays the costs listed in the cost estimate form there is no other charges to the Customer apart from labour charge, the Authority will provide transport to the staff to go to the customer’s site and connect the customer.
Q: How long will it take to get connected?
Connecting the service and meter installation – within seven days upon full payment of required costs.
Q: How long will it take for one to get a bill?
A: Billing is done at every end of the month, so it takes only one month to get a bill.
Q: How frequent is the bill?
A: The bill is monthly.
Q: How frequently are the meter readings taken?
A: Meter readings are taken at the beginning of every month.
Q: Should I take note of my readings also?
A: It is important to take note of your personal readings for claimity purposes.
Q: Where can one get the Bills from?
A: A Bill is delivered to the customer through your Mobile phone number. But Big Customer Bills are delivered to the Customer Premises through the MANAWASA Credit Controls Staffs.
Q: Who delivers the Bill?
A: The MANAWASA Credit Controls Staffs or Meter Readers delivers the bill to the Customer
Q: When is payment supposed to be done?
A: Payment is supposed to be done immediately after one receives a bill. The bill should be paid within the first week after the bills are sent to the Customers.
Q: Where is payment supposed to be made?
A: Payment should be made through Mobile Phone (MPesa, Airtell Money, and Tigo Pesa),or through CRDB or NBC Bank Branches in Tanzania, provided that the Customer has the original MANAWASA Bills (Control Number) of the Current Month.
Q: In what form is the payment required?
A: Payment can either be by mobile phone or Bank.
Q: In how many installments should the payments be made?
A: Payments should be made in one installment unless otherwise agreed upon by the Commercial Manager or the Credit Control Officer.
Q: What should one receive after payment?
A: You are issued with an MANAWASA receipt.
Q: What are the reasons for disconnection?
A: Disconnection is due to non-payment.
Q: What measures should be taken for one to avoid disconnection?
A: Payment should be made promptly.
Q: What are the effects of disconnection?
A: When you are disconnected you will be inconvenienced by lack of water in your premises and you are charged a reconnection fee which is an extra cost.
Q: When is one reconnected back on service?
A: One is reconnected after settling outstanding bills plus a reconnection fee.
Q: What are arrears and what causes them?
A: Arrears are accumulated bills and they are brought about by non-payment.
Q: How can one pay off arrears?
A: Arrears can be paid in a number of ways: (i) You can pay them in lump sum (ii) It can be paid by installments. (iii) You can come to MANAWASA and sign an agreement with the officials agreeable to you and on how best you can pay.
Q: When does one possess ownership?
A: MANAWASA deals directly with the property owner.
Q: Who is responsible for the meter?
A: The meter remains a property of MANAWASA and it should always be accessible to the MANAWASA staff.
Q: Who is responsible for leakages?
A: The owner of the property is responsible for detecting any leakages and immediately reporting it to the MANAWASA office.

• Visit our customer care desk for all your complaints near the Pay point.
• All bill related complaints will be handled within 24 hours and technical faults within 12 hours. The time may sometimes be longer depending on the nature of complaint and amount of investigations required.
Complaints and feedback will be taken seriously and dealt with as quickly as possible. You are requested to give us feedback, comments, complaints and opinions on our services and how to improve them. You have the right to use suggestion box and/or attend our customer care officer at billing office.
• Check every faucet for leaks. Just a slow drip can waste 15 - 20 gallons a day.
• Make sure your faucets and standpipes are turned off immediately after use.
• Report any leaks you see in the streets as soon as possible.
• Don’t shower too long or over fill the tub when bathing.
• Remember not to leave the water running for tooth brushing, hand washing, vegetable cleaning or dish washing. Use only what is required and turn off.
• Don’t use the toilet as a trashcan to flush away tissues, papers etc. every flush uses 2-3 jerry cans of water.
• If you are washing a car, use a bucket and not a horse pipe.
• Contact your Area Managers if not satisfied with services received
Alternatively you may write to us as shown below:-
Managing Director
Masasi-Nachingwea water supply and sanitation Authority (MANAWASA)
P.O. Box 133
Tel. +255 232 510279
Fax.0232 510 279
For inquiries, complaints and emergencies please call MANAWASA Customer care Desk
0788 446561 _ Masasi or 0786727390 – Nachingwea