Mission ,Vision,Goal & objective


The utility operation complies with the National Water Policy(2002), National Water Sector Development Strategy (2006-2015), Environmental Management Act, 2004, Water Supply and Sanitation Act, 2009, Ministry of Water, Ewura, Mkakati wa Kukuza Uchumi na Kupunguza Umaskini Tanzania(MKUKUTA), Millennium Development Goals, National Development Vision 2025 and Rulling part manifesto. MANAWASA strategies, activities and performance reflect charter, Vision, Mission and Goal Statement.


A sustainable high quality water supply and sanitation utility by 2022


Meeting customer satisfaction and promoting MANAWASA ‘s Vision through delivery of Water Supply and Sanitation Services at a high standard level of reliability, efficiency, safety and environment.

This mission will be attained through

  • Increase service coverage

  • Diversification, maintenance and protection of water source

  • Promptly respond to customer complains.

  • Provision of sanitation service


To manage the MANAWASA ‘s function and operation as an efficient and effective, management of assets in good working condition, reduce debt, increase revenue collection efficient and generate surplus which is to be ploughed back to swell up the MANAWASA ‘S Capital so as furthering safe water supply service


  •  HIV/AIDS services improved, and infection reduced by June 2022

  • Effective implementation of National Anticorruption strategy enhanced and sustained by June 2022

  • Non Revenue Water reduced from to 23% to 20% by 2022. 

  • Coverage of safe Water Supply increased from 88% to 97% by 2022.

  •  Revenue Collection Efficiency increased from to 92% to 97%  by 2022.

  • Financial Management System Improved by 2022

  • water source improved by 2022

  • Human resource maintained by 2022