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Announcents, Tenders Procedures

Masasi-Nachingwea Water Supply & Sanitation Authority has a section that deals with purchase and storage of materials as per requirement of public procurement of Goods, Works, No-consultant services & disposal of public assets by tender 2005 no. 63 through 78.

Masasi-Nachingwea Water Supply & Sanitation Authority, supply issue tender for major supplies & services once in a year, the lots include: -

MANAWASA Tariffs The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) approved new tariff review for water and sewerage disposal services rendered in MASASI for 2015/2016. Approved tariff is indicated in the table attachment 1 and 2 bellow:- Table No. 1: Water Supply (For metered consumers) Table No. 1: Water Supply (For metered consumers)

Policy and Regulation.
(a) Act which empowers MANAWASA to (provide) Supply Water to public is:-
The Water Works Act (Cap.272 RE 2002). (An Act to provide for and regulate a supply of water to Public).
(b) The regulations which empowers MANAWASA to supply water to the public is:-
Government Notice No. 369 published on 25/7/1997 (made under Section 38 of CAP.281 (Water Works Ordinance – RULES)